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Shopping Centre Tycoon

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• MS Windows 98, Me or XP
• PC with a Pentium III/800 MHz or higher processor
• 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM (256 MB recommended)
• 350 MB of free HD space
• One 8x CD-ROM drive
• Direct X 8.1a
• 32 MB Direct X compatible accelerated video card
• Direct X comp. sound card
• Speakers
• Mouse
• SVGA monitor
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Shopping Centre Tycoon is a management game following the extremely popular Tycoon gameplay style. Building on the strengths of the genre, Shopping Centre Tycoon offers you a more European gaming experience, giving you a number of European cities in which to build your shopping centre, each have their own national landmarks, shops and "look and feel".

At its heart Shopping Centre Tycoon is a combination of
a management game and a shopping centre designer.
This is a simple game mechanic will give you the freedom
to both explore your creative design side and also see if you have what it takes to manage a complex ever
changing environment!

Utilising the tried and tested
RenderWare® 3D engine, used in hundreds of top entertainment titles worldwide, incorporating; hundreds of fully textured 3D shoppers, highly detailed environments and an adjustable detail level allowing the game to run on lower machine specs.

Choose from 3 European cities in which to build your mall: London, Paris or Berlin
Play through the scenario mode where you face a series of different challenges, or just build to your hearts content in the sand box mode.
Construct a variety of shops. From fashion outlets to beauty parlours, mobile phone shops to fast food takeaways
Add a huge range of decorative objects such as rides, fountains
and sculptures, to enhance your aesthetic reputation and
attract more shoppers
Manage your centre through balancing finances, hiring &
firing staff, raise/lower rents, & adjusting advertising costs.
Shoppers are split into various age groups, each having their
own personal shopping needs & preferences. Analyse your
shoppers so as to cater for these needs & maximise your income
Defend your creation from thieves & vandals. Negotiate security contracts, add security cameras & employ security teams to remove unsavoury characters
Shopping Centre Tycoon Screenshot Shopping Centre Tycoon Screenshot Shopping Centre Tycoon Screenshot Shopping Centre Tycoon Screenshot Shopping Centre Tycoon Screenshot Shopping Centre Tycoon Screenshot
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